Friday, April 13, 2007

We're Back! Update Post

  • Don Imus is off the air. Loud complaints about dumbass racists WORK!
  • There's another less popular sequel to the original -- "Chinese Vs. Retard Freestyle" -- where Brandon DiCamillo is accompanied by fellow dumbass racist Bam Margera. Here's the lyrics and the video.
  • Ninjapants has a brilliant post outlining what we're trying to do with this blog: On Chinese Freestyles and Keyboard Warriors
  • There's been some Wikipedia action, but nothing has taken yet. We should have good, sourced material for "Chinese Freestyle Rap" under Brandon DiCamillo's name, Bam Margera's name, the CKY Crew and the CKY video series. Any more Wikiwarriors out there want to step up?
  • Almost all original video versions of the Chinese Freestyle Rap have been taken down. Awesome! The bad news is that Youtube and Google have done very little on the lipsync or home edit versions. We'll have to keep up the fight. Stay tuned for updates and new tactics! And thanks to everyone who's been linking to this blog and leaving helpful comments.
  • Finally, here's a somber list from Fallout Central: Innocent People.

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