Thursday, March 22, 2007

Which is Worse?

Almost all the people who lipsync to the racist CKY Chinese Freestyle Rap in Youtube videos are white.

Here are two exceptions.

Which is worse: the self-loathing Asian guy desperate for white approval, or the racist-loving racist black guy? Sad, sad, sad. These people need to get some self-respect and take their videos down.


If there is such thing as a "race traitor," you are looking at one... said...

Hey, what do we have here?
It's an Asian kid who "gets the joke!"

Thank you!

Thank you for doing a great job sticking up for yourself!

Thank you for knowing your roots, and then distinguishing yourself from it!

You have just proved you are not one of them "damn Chinese with no sense of humor."

You have proved that you are not one of those go-k delivery man that speaks funny.

Most of all, you have prove yourself to be a MORON!!!

Kid, do you realize that at some point, someone in your family have gone through the pains of immigration so you can sit on your ass-imilated-ass lip syncing to a computer?

Do you realize that the dehumanization of these F.O.B.'s you are making fun of has lead to the high rate of robbery and murder of Asian deliveryman?

Do you realize that in the racist's eyes, you are no different from these "General Gau's?"

Kid, grow up! You have pretty much played the dumbest joke on yourself!

Scowl said...

From "sk8nroknazn" himself:

"first of all, racism injures only those who place too much importance on race, or racists. second of all, self respect ties in with honor, and if you have enough honor, you don't turn to race as another way of strengthening it. therefore, take a joke."

One must truly live a sheltered life in order to be able to make such a remark.

"sk8nroknazn" is the worse of the two by far. It's no surprise when outsiders make fun of us, but this kid just gave them another excuse for their racism. Disgusting.

an-asian-antiracist said...

Sk8nroknazn is the winning loser. Shameless backstabber. The lesser racist loser dumbass (the black guy) hasn't been active defending his own video, and it looks like his white "friends" probably put him up to it (he isn't the uploader).

vaaj said...

the asian dude is f-ing stupid. just another white washed kid who thinks he's being "cool"

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