Friday, March 23, 2007

Some reactions to the first Youtube action

The smelly grunting frat boys are slowly starting to realize what's going on. All your dumbass racist videos will soon be off Youtube!

sicknastylax18 (11 hours ago)
shut up you fucking fags if your going to bitch about this being racist get a fucking sense of humor
Your internet gay-bashing only reinforces others' perception of your sexual inadequacy.
xxdefectivexx (15 hours ago)
i love this song.
and i also love how
all these chinese people
are getting pissed off.
if you're gonna get pissed of
about some youtube video,
when there are 2342805702
ACTUAL racist ones out there,
you need to get off the internet.
or stop complaining.
Nope. We prefer to stay on the internet, and keep complaining. It's not just Chinese people either, the freestyle rap is insulting to all Asians and all human beings who are even semi-aware.
boomhehe (1 day ago)
ok all those people are just trying to seem smart by saying this is racist, it is not. it is not making a joke at the expense of a certain race, it is making fun of those people who actually are racist, its a joke at the expense of racists.
Nice try, dumbass.
arabidcow (1 day ago)
racist? asian people don't have souls
Confused dumbass. Can't even get your stereotypes straight.

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laopao said...
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