Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Consequences of Racism (for the Racist this time)

(idea inspired by comment from Kai. And also by this guy)

Manager: Hello.

Senior Manager: Hi there. You know, I just had a meeting with Mr. Chang.

Manager: How was it?

Senior Manager: Great. We're going to ramp up the partnership with his company. That's what I'm calling about. We'll need a full-time person working on this project. I'm thinking about promoting one of your people into the role.

Manager: Sounds great. I have some good candidates. Can you give me a feel for what the role's going to involve?

Senior Manager: Managing a cross-functional team and coordinating closely with Mr. Chang. He's a very hands-on kind of guy. You know, he got started out working as a delivery man in his father's takeout restaurant. He's really proud of that. Keeps a close eye on the day-to-day running of his company. He's not too hard to get along with, but he likes to know he can trust the people he's working with. Say, what about promoting that Joe Bob whatsisname guy into the role?

Manager: Well, I was actually just going to call you about him...

Senior Manager: You don't sound too happy all of a sudden.

Manager: I just saw a video of him on the internet. He was half-naked, hopping up and down like some kind of seriously messed-up squirrel, making "ching chow ching chow" noises and talking about how he... um... had a small penis. The video had something to do with making fun of Chinese delivery men. I couldn't watch more than a 30 seconds of it though.

Senior Manager: (...)

Manager: Hello?

Senior Manager: FIRE THAT DUMBASS.

Manager: Sure, I'll have HR drop you a note once we get the ball rolling on that.

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Sizwe_X said...


Hey, check it...Racist Controversy
CKY's "Chinese Freestyle" has been a source of controversy for its racist depictions of Chinese delivery workers that have been disseminated on Youtube and that encourage the dehumanization of Asians.[4]. [5].

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