Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Racist rap by CKY: why it shouldn't be ignored

This introduction may get expanded on later.

Basic reason behind the blog: it's not "OK" for people to talk this way. You (racists) can use your free speech all you want to make disgusting anti-Asian slurs. We will use our freedom of speech to tell you that you are a racist loser.

To this end, this blog will post links to popular social networking sites containing versions of the racist Chinese freestyle rap. Please follow these links and do what you can to create an environment hostile to racists. For Youtube, the most effective action is to flag the videos and apply the category "Hate speech".

hate speech orig. U.S., speech expressing hatred or intolerance of other social groups, esp. on the basis of race or sexuality; hostile verbal abuse (though the term is sometimes understood to encompass written and non-verbal forms of expression).
-Oxford English Dictionary Online, s.v. "hate"

This blog will provide periodic updates on actions and is also open to suggestions for other actions. Post your suggestions in the comments.

If you are a racist dumbass and would like to leave a comment, it will most likely get deleted.

1 Comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks... for putting up this blog. We need more action against these racist crap. I don't understand how these people can excuse their behavior.

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