Monday, March 26, 2007

Comments, Moderation and Tactics

This blog has a very simple purpose. If you want to have a theoretical debate about racism, go somewhere else.

We're turning comment moderation on, and deleting any further pointless, defeatist comments. Having to watch a few seconds of these videos while flagging them is irritating enough without defeatist comments.

Yes, Kenneth Eng is an insane racist. Yes, Dave Chapelle has made some jokes about white people. Yes, Genghis Khan was a Mongol conqueror. And none of that has anything to do with getting racist videos taken off of popular social networking sites.

If you disagree so much with the tactics of this blog, start your own. http://cky-is-bad-but-not-as- bad-as-Genghis-Khan-who-was-a- is still free.

To everyone who has been supporting this effort and flagging these videos and contacting Google: THANK YOU. You're doing the right thing.

UPDATE: And by the way, if you don't like the tone of this blog...


Kai said...

First off, thanks for your excellent work on this matter. Someone has to do it, and you've stepped up the challenge with poise and dignity.

The racist losers doing this stuff need to find out that brazen displays of racism can have real consequences. Because when we talk about racism, we're talking about hundreds of years of violence, murder, exploitation, rape. People who promote such things need to chill out in prison for a while and think things over.

And so I'd like to propose that rather than simply having YouTube take down these clips, I believe that the faces of all the racist participants in this exercise in regressive idiocy be captured, circulated and posted in a "Database of Racists".

Corporations and business and NGOs should then be pressured to reject any association with the virulent, possibly violent racists in the database.

Words have consequences. So do stupid decisions made in youth, which can ruin reputations and careers for a lifetime. So it goes. If we really want to make our point, we need to go after these people economically.


Ka_Jun said...

The Man in Black...I love that picture...nice.

Lisa said...

Good site. It's embarassing when whites dismiss their own racism by whining that non-whites can be racist too. And? So that makes it okay? Sheesh. It's more pathetic than the whole "But it's just a joke!" - yeah, but it's a RACIST joke.

I like Kai's idea: find out these folks real identity, where they work, and then we can ask their employer to fire them, threatening protests if not. Just flaming them on Youtube is giving them the attention they desired.

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