Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dumbass comments left by dumbass racists trying to explain that they're not racists

These are some comments left on assorted CKY Chinese Freestyle Rap Videos.

cory415860 (13 minutes ago)
oh fuck off you just gay ok hes not rasest god you guys r fags that think this is rasist

warrior13th (1 week ago)
Anyone talking about racism just needs to be shot, straight out. I've been called a cracker much more than i've called anyone a nigger, spic or chink. And you know what? When it was said from any people it was only a joke... Why is it that comedy has got to be so straight edge? And you know all jokes based on race are generally false and maybe a generic very small version will fill that stereotype but you're more of a retard for taking all of this literal.

redlampgta (1 week ago)
so funny i sent it to a chinese kid

ki1lah (6 months ago)
This guys is cool, anybody else with their PC shit can shut up and not bother commenting.

It's not racism unless people take it as racism, and if they take it as racism, they are racists.

Stereotypes aren't true, nowadays they are only used for laughs, people need to realize that.

Nice vid.


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