Friday, March 23, 2007

The youngest racist

How old is this kid? When did he learn that hating on Asians is "cool" and "funny"? TAKE YOUR VIDEO DOWN KID!


Anonymous said...

it looks like mommy and daddy are slacking in the parental control department--- or were they operating the camera?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy i cant believe the amount of ignorance this video has displayed. This stupid Bubba Sparxx wannabe rapping kid had better start focusing on his studies since the world already thinks American kids are dumb and stupid, this young boy does nothing to dispel those comments.Shameful indeed and shame on the parents for even allowing it.Umm i wonder what would happen if Asian people started doing raps about how Americans dont make jack #$%%, boy you would see the outrage, noww where is Fox News on this story about this rap, oh I forgot to focused on Barack pathetic.

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